Guam/Marianas Military Build Up Consulting Services

Sherman Consulting provides extensive and comprehensive services for firms seeking to be involved in the vast opportunities related to the $15 Billion dollar infrastructure upgrades on Guam and the Marianas by the US Military and the State Governments. Services range from Monthly Intelligence Reports (MIR), Daily Monitoring of Guam/CNMI Media & RFP's, Meeting Coordination and Ground Logistics for visits to the region, Human Resource Vetting, Local representation and Teaming arrangements with local and Japan firms.

Local Liasion / Public Relations Representation

Sherman Consulting offers clients professional local representation which includes the following:

Local Processing Of Taxes, Licenses & Permits

The advantage of utilizing Sherman Consulting’s expertise in this area is that we have a full time staff member who is a Guam Certified Public Accountant and has been handling regulatory compliance issues on Guam for over 25 years.  His only duty for our firm is dedicated to maintain all compliance issues on behalf of our clients.  This helps your firm in two powerful ways.  First, upon hiring Sherman Consulting, your firm would immediately have access to the 25 year knowledge and processing expertise of our Regulatory Compliance Officer, Keith Nakamura.  Second, your firm would save on the tremendous administrative costs of hiring staff directly to perform these duties.  Sherman Consulting’s wrapped flat monthly fee service which includes the processing and regulatory compliance management provides your firm with essentially a full time office at a monthly fee rate this is lower than the cost of hiring just one office manager.  Essentially, the pooling of Guam operational costs by the clients Sherman Consulting currently represent brings value to our new clients who join the Sherman team.  This is especially important to US Domestic Firms, who have limited resources to properly and effectively manage expansion to new markets (Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau and the Marshall Islands).

Foreign Labor Recruitment

Alien Labor Processing and Certification is a very detailed and time consuming effort.  The process is so loaded with bureaucracy, that it seems done purposely in order to discourage alien labor hiring.  With that said, however Sherman Consulting has dedicated full time staff on Guam and in the Philippines who, process alien labor documents on behalf of our client.  The difference between our service and the service of others is that Sherman Consulting integrates risk management capabilities in order to provide clients with the best labor force available with the lowest risk of potential liability.  We also have skin in the game as we have gone through the process ourselves for employees.  This means we understand the challenges and issues that come up during the processing, interviewing, verification of documents, arrival on Guam, social and religions implications as well as injury and illnesses which happen during the course of hiring foreign labor.  Our partners in the Philippines also understand this and we have partnered with them to conduct extensive review of applicants to ensure that the “challenges and issues” are nearly nonexistent with our recruits.  This service is not included in our basic representative services but can be quoted separately based on a per recruit fee. 

The following resources are available for this topic:

Local Labor Recruitment

Local Recruitment is a necessary (DOD Required) component for any firm entering the Guam market.  Sherman Consulting’s principles have a history in the Marianas that goes back 500 years, so our team members are well known and are respected members of the community.  As part of our basic service to our clients, we offer Human Resource vetting in which we would conduct background checks on our client’s local applicants.  This includes interviews with past employers, criminal background checks, court proceedings research and community interviews regarding reputations.  Sherman Consulting also offers a unique political background check to verify political affiliations.  This is important for clients as Guam is a very small community and often an employee’s political affiliations transfer to the employer through association and that association can be detrimental to a clients needs in the future.  Sherman also has experience in organizing and managing local labor job fairs on behalf of clients.  At these job fairs, Sherman Consulting’s staff collect and mine resume data on behalf of our client.  This data mining provides a quick snap shot of available labor pool on Guam, which can then drive human resource management decisions regarding local recruitment on Guam.

Regional Project Tracking

The costs involved in pursing projects on Guam can be expensive when managing the pursuits from the US Mainland or opening an office on Guam.  Sherman Consulting offers a simple and inexpensive service by representing US mainland firms on Guam through a remote extension of their office in the mainland.  Sherman Consulting will track and monitor opportunities on behalf of the client in Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia.  This provides the client with a powerful presence in 5 different countries for a monthly retainer that is considerably less expensive than operating a single person operation on Guam.  Services would include the following:


More information on these services is available here.

Professional Fiduciary Services

Sherman Consulting is the only firm in the Asia Pacific region which offers professional and certified professional fiduciary services. Recognized by National Certifications such as an Accredited Investment Fiduciary, Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst, Registered Fiduciary and Master Trustee, our professionals offer a full range of Fiduciary services.  Services include: Fiduciary Reviews, Fiduciary Audits, Fiduciary Training and Education as well as Fiduciary Consultancy. Our accredited Fiduciaries are also available to assist boards and trusts conduct requests for proposals (RFPs) for investment advisors and investment managers as well as serve on boards and trusts as a third party fiduciary.  In addition, our professionals can serve as expert witnesses and professional fiduciaries serving on behalf of clients on trusts and foundations. For more information on our services please visit or email us.

Administrative and Logistical Support

Many firms who are interested in opportunities in the Asia Pacific region are often faced with the constraints of cost in the opportunity development. Airfare, hotel, transportation and other expenses often amount to more than $10,000 for a visit to the region for the length of time necessary to investigate opportunities. Sherman Consulting offers firms a valuable and inexpensive alternative from meandering through "foreign" regions and quite possibly wasting valuable cash in the process. Sherman Consulting can provide the administrative and logistical needs a firm requires without having to spend the money necessary to "learn on the run" while chasing an opportunity. Services include processing of permits, applying for licenses, research of laws and regulations, attending meetings on behalf of the client (prebid, etc) and if necessary full representation of the firm in the region of their choice. For more information on these services please email us your interest or focus in the region and we can provide you the opportunities related to your focus.

Safety Consultation, Training and Education

Sherman Consulting specializes in offering safety skills training and education for the construction industry, medical industry, hotel industry and retail/wholesale trades.  In association with the International Board of Environmental Health and Safety, the accrediting body for environmental and safety officers, Sherman Consulting offers certified training and testing for accreditations of the RSO - Registered Safety Officer®, RHSO - Registered Healthcare Safety Officer®, RTSO - The Registered Telecommunications Safety Officer®, RSM - Registered Safety Manager®, RSP - Registered Safety Professional® and RES - Registered Ergonomic Specialist®.  Our core curriculum is founded on OSHA rules, regulations and accepted standards as well as NAVFAC’s EM385-1-1 and International Board of Environmental Health and Safety Standards.  In addition to our education and training component, Sherman Consulting offers safety consultations and internal safety audits.  Our expertise is advising organizations on the proper OSHA safety requirements as well as providing professional advise on how to contest OSHA citations as well as how to react to an OSHA Audit.  For more information on these services, please email us.

Life Care Planning and Analysis

Sherman Consulting offers expert analysis and research for production of life care plans related to injuries sustained from accidents. Our firm works with various law firms in the Pacific Region to create detailed studies, research and medical analysis associated with the costs of rehabilitation of persons injured. Services include production of a written Life Care Plan, Expert witness testimony and Expert deposition testimony. For more information on these services please email us your interest or focus in the region and we can provide you the opportunities related to your focus.

Asia-Pacific Opportunity Development

Sherman Consulting offers firms interested in exposure to the Asia Pacific region, rare and unparalleled access to great opportunities in Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau and China. Opportunities range from business development or participation in alternative energy, power production, construction, engineering, environmental consulting, public utilities, Federal and State Government services as well as maintenance and management of public agencies. For more information on these services please email us your interest or focus in the region and we can provide you the opportunities related to your focus.

Conference and Event Management and Planning

Sherman Consulting offers expert planning and management of conferences and events in the Asia Pacific Region. Our experience has been with planning and managing conferences for the US Military as well as private industry and local governments. Conferences and Events sizes we have been involved with range from small 50 attendees to as large as over 1,000 attendees. For more information on these services please email us your interest or focus in the region and we can provide you the opportunities related to your focus.

Chinese Translation Services (Mandarin)

Sherman Consulting offers professional English to Chinese as well as Chinese to English Translation services by experienced and educated bi-lingual translators. Contracted translation services then proceed through an additional layer of proofreading (both English and Chinese) so that accurate translations are accomplished for the client. Services in Chinese translation to and from English include business, legal, medical, technical, financial, scientific, government, NGO, gaming, IT, software, subtitling, and website translation.

Public Relations and Product/Service Roll Out

Sherman Consulting offers firms public relations services to launch its product or services as well as brand protection in the Asia Pacific Region. Services include managing media image, writing press releases, working with reporters for story placement which highlight the firm's service or product and coordination with the US Commercial Services US Export Office for support from the US Embassies. Public Polling and surveys are also services offered for the refinement of the firm's message or fine tuning of a product or service for future roll out in the region or area. For more information on these services please email us your interest or focus in the region and we can provide you the opportunities related to your focus.