US Federal Government

Joint Region Marianas Joint Region Marianas
NAVFAC Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)

US State Government CNMI American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Office
CNMI Seal CNMI Office of the Governor

US Local Government

CUC Commonwealth Utilities Corporation
Rota Casino Gaming Comission Rota Casino Gaming Commission
TCGC Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission
Tinian Mayor's Office Tinian Mayor’s Office

China Companies


Bare International (Shanghai)


Canbo International Ltd

Jia Heng Beijing Sheng Jia Heng Xin Investment Co
Diwei DIWEI Group
matchborn Match Born Beijing

ONEHOME Hotels Holdings

Japan Companies

International Scientific International Scientific Corp
Nature Technology Nature Technology - Japan

Australia Companies

cwa Civil Works Australia

Philippine Companies

PNI PNI Management Philippines
Milers Milers Engineering Construction Corporation

US Companies

American Northern Marianas Regional Center, LLC

Asia Pacific Association for Fiduciary Studies Asia Pacific Association for Fiduciary Studies
asrc ASRC Construction Technologies Bechtel
BIG Bridge Investment Group, LLC
circle group The Circle Group 
COP Coral Ocean Point Golf Resort -Saipan
Combat Training Solutions Combat Training Solutions, Inc.
HGI Houston Global Investors
ITT ITT Defense Electronics & Services
Kiewit Kiewit Pacific Co
Knight Engineering and Architects Knight Engineering and Architects - Chicago
Leonie Leonie Industries
McDonough Associates Inc. McDonough Associates Inc. - Chicago
Mchugh McHugh Construction Co
Mortenson Construction Mortenson Construction
Proactive Technologies ProActive Technologies, LLC
RLS-CMC RL Sanchez Construction Management & General Contracting
W.W. Williams W.W. Williams